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Basic Bxtches Fashion Show

Merced’s fashion guru is back. Kimberly Zamora was a previous owner of Tallulah Brigitta; a tiny shop on the 600 block in downtown Merced which can be remembered by its beautiful purple door. Tallulah Brigitta was more than just a clothing boutique with art throughout its narrow halls . Kimberly, a Studio Arts graduate from CSU Stanislaus had a vision to share her love for art and fashion with our community. This passion sparked the creation of Merced Art Hop which has educated and encouraged artists and art enthusiasts in Merced County for the past eight years. Unfortunately during the down turn of the economy in 2009 Talluah Brigitta was forced to close its doors, but Kimberly was able to press on and become the Executive director of Merced Art Hop and its new facility “MAH Epekel Gallery”. As a fundraiser and marketing plan to fill the Epekel gallery, Kim will share that passion with the community of Merced during the Basic Bxtches fashion show.

Basic Bxthes fashion show will include four local designers:

Amy Bianchini: Artist, designer and fashion instructor who moved here to attend UC Merced from the bay area and found a home in Merced’s art community.

Eulalia Gamez: Local artist and instructor working in Merced. Her collection is inspired by Pokemon and various comic books.

Alicia Love: Creator and designer of Drastique. Alicia not only designs and constructs her clothing but also models for her own line. Her inspiration leans more towards the darker side using many muted fabrics and tones, but varies in style from super sexy to casual. Drastique is for people who don’t care what people may think, and aren’t afraid to stand out. Please welcome Drastique by Alicia Love.

Kimberly Zamora: Artist, designer, fashion blogger, wardrobe stylist, Kimberly Zamora is an arts advocate and co-founder of Merced Art Hop, and MAH Epekel (Eh-pe-kul) Gallery curator. Her clothing collection is contemporary, geometric, highlighted by straight lines and an artistic flare. You can find her at Kimberlyzamora.com and #kimberlyzamora.

Together they are going to execute fashion trends that you normally do not see around Merced.

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