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We recently got the opportunity to sit down with local artist DEANA PELOWSKI

We recently got the opportunity to sit down with local artist Deana Pelowski, better known as Deana Gore, and pick her mind about her artwork, what motivates her, and what pushes her to create.

1) Where do you pull inspiration from for your work?

Honestly, inspiration just comes to me. It often feels like an “a-ha” moment and expands from there. Sometimes I’ll see something and find that an aspect of it inspires an idea. Could be the color palette of an autumn scene, a song I’m listening to, or a random thought that enters my mind as I’m falling asleep.

2) Are there any recent pieces that you are particularly proud of or any pieces that hold a special significance?

Usually my favorite piece is whatever I’m currently working on! But every October, I do a series of “smalls” - originals inspired by classic or modern horror films and pop culture. Of those from this past October, there were two I’m particularly fond of. One is a quirky rendition of Grampa Munster with a pop aesthetic and the other is Tim Curry in the role of Pennywise the Clown. But my current fave is a special piece I’ve been working on since mid-December. I won’t divulge details, but I’ll have it ready for showing at Art Hop on the 19th.

3) What is your creative process like? Do you have a more methodical approach to your process of creating or is it more of a whirlwind type thing where you feel inspired and start to paint?

My “process” is all over the map. October smalls time I suppose falls under the “methodical” category as my goal is to create smaller, looser works that I can make available at an affordable price. The rest of the year is impulsive. I choose any subject matter that inspires me and enjoy challenging myself to work in different mediums and employ new techniques.

4) How do you think your artwork has changed over time?

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