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A New Breed: Phoenix the Rise

One of Merced newest creative collectives quickly made a name for themselves. The team of artists behind Phoenix was able to tackle a multitude of ground breaking projects in 2018, ranging from live plays with unique ways to engage the audiences to working with residents directly through a wide array of programs they founded. And they’re showing no sign of slowing down.

Perhaps most memorable from 2018 was their performance of “Judas Iscariot” for one night only. One of their founding members noted that since that performance, Phoenix has completed numerous contracts with non-profit and for-profit businesses, has produced several shows, has developed a series of education offerings, and has added a successful podcast network. They went on to say that the group is striving to become “an artistic force of nature.” In 2019 Phoenix has a plan to officially launch themselves as a full-fledged company. By formalizing their structure, the group of artists will increase their capability to bring creative twists to many aspects of Central Valley life. There are plans to further their organization by bringing their talents to local businesses, schools, and into the lives of residents throughout Merced County. Aside from officially launching the organization into a formal company, Phoenix of course plans to continue to “Produce incredible theatrical events, continue to provide creative support to businesses and classrooms, and create new visions and pathways for creative expression. “ The Phoenix Creative Collective strives to provide opportunity for fresh starts, creative changes and passionate rebirth to all members of our community and beyond. For more information about the organization, log onto phoenixtherise.com.

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