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RAWR Working to Save Animals

Renegade Animal Welfare and Rescue got started on July 3rd of 2018 as founding Eileen Elrod and Sarah Rank began to bring their dream of starting an animal assistance organization into focus. By November of the same year, they had secured their documents from the IRS declaring them a 501( c )3 Non-Profit. Despite the short timeframe, the group has moved quickly, helping over 400 animals in the short time they have been formed.

When asked about their motivations, the duo responded that while they love helping animals of course, there is also something else in it for them. “Not only being able to help animals in need, but also helping people in need” they explained. “We worked with other groups in the past where the focus was only on the animals, and rarely on the people behind those animals or even the people helping to save those animals.”

— “Not only being able to help animals in need, but also helping people in need”

Working to help both animals and their owners alike, the group offers low-cost spay and neutering, transport services, and are currently working on a low-cost vaccination clinic. “One of the great examples of what we’ve been able to accomplish was through our “Keep Them Home” program which provides assistance to owners who need under $100 in one-time medical assistance to keep their pets” said Rank.” Recalling how the program got its start, Elrod continued saying “We had an owner reach out to surrender her pet because he had something wrong with his ears and she could not afford to take the dog to the vet. We met her at the vet, it turned out that it was just a simple fox tail inside the dogs ear which was close enough to the surface that it could be easily removed by the vet with proper equipment.”

With a simple payment of $68, an eternally grateful family no longer had to surrender their beloved pet, and the dog was reunited with its loving owners.

Over the years, the two founders have personally rescued all of their own personal pets. When asked for a number, each cited that while it was well over 50, they had long since lost count. When it comes to adopting a new pet or rescuing an animal, they have some advice for those looking to do the right thing. “Really consider your lifestyle before you adopt a new pet, and make sure the pet you’re adopting fits into that lifestyle. Are you an active runner who loves adventure? Then a higher energy breed like a husky or a pit bull may be a great companion for you!” they said. “Looking for a dog that will lounge around the house and be sweet with your kids? Consider a dog that’s at least 4 years old and already past the puppy phase.” In both cases, they emphasized that Food, Water, Shelter, Care and Love are needed to ensure a healthy animal and bond.

Currently the group is accepting donations, both monetary and physical goods. Those who would like to volunteer for their various events, clinics, or to transport animals are encouraged to connect with the group through their website, where information can be found under the donate tab.

For more information on Renegade Animal Welfare and Rescue, readers can log onto renegadeawr.com.

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