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The Merced Symphony

Bringing Music to Merced for Over Sixty Years

For over six decades, the Merced Symphony has brought lively and colorful orchestral performances to Merced’s residents. Currently led by Conductor Ming Luke, The Merced Symphony is of course well known for the music they bring to life, but the non-profit has continued to push positive change into to community with what they do best.

With school in session, the Merced Symphony has continued to embrace their role in education by helping expose young Mercedians to the sights and sounds of a live orchestra. Through their annual Children’s Concerts, the Merced Symphony works with 4th grade classrooms through the Merced County Office of Education to arranged field trips to the Merced Theatre. As students make their way to their seats, they’re greeted with a fun and interactive program that is aimed at piquing their interest in music and band.

For those students who find themselves wanting more after experiencing the concert, the Merced Symphony will once again be on hand to help you grow musically. With a Youth Auditions program in place, young musicians have the chance to perform in front of a set of judges and receive positive feedback about their talents. From all of those who perform, a set of winners is selected, who will make their way onto the main stage alongside of the Merced Symphony to perform. Past winners of the Youth Auditions have continued on to become everything from professors in Music to career musicians.

Currently, the Merced Symphony is in their 61st season. Their next and final performance is scheduled for April 12th, at 7:30PM at the Merced Theatre. Entitled Magnificent Mozart, the performance will bring together the sounds of Mozart with works from female composers such as Cecil Chaminade. For those who would like to experience the energy of a live symphonic performance, tickets can be purchased online at MercedTheatre.org.

To learn more about the Merced Symphony, readers are encouraged to log onto MercedSymphony.org.

Merced Symphony

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