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Amber Troie

Local artist Amber Troie has always been into art for as far back as she can remember, with her initial experiences being from her early school years. That formative time would lead Troie on her path to become a self-taught artist, but she comes from a long line of creatives.

“Art was always my favorite thing to do” said Troie. “Acrylic painting was always my favorite...but I experiment with all types of mediums.” Similar to being drawn to all types of mediums, Troie finds herself drawn to a wide range of subject matter. Oftentimes she finds herself inspired by circumstances or specific situations she finds herself in and uses them to guide her. She also looks to other artists work for new ideas.

“I like to stay diverse and neutral so that I’m always exploring new things in different ways” said Troie. “I don’t like having limitations, and so I don’t think I have a specific style.” Over the years, she has found herself dabbling in everything from oil pastel sticks and alcohol inks to acrylic paints and watercolors, and is currently heading into oil paints.

Once inspired she finds it easiest to just begin painting. “A lot of my greatest pieces have been when I just started painting. Even on what I would call catastrophic failures, I still see a masterpiece in the making.” From there, Troie will continue to work with a piece, redoing parts of it and adding layers to a piece. “I’ll watch a piece develop and become something of its own.”

Troie went on to say that she finds the process of painting to be very therapeutic and “I find it to be soothing to my soul.” Troie recalled a piece she had created entitled ‘In the Midsts of Sorrow’ that was created during a time in her life where she was experiencing low points. From that experience she was able to turn a negative time into a piece of artwork upon which she could positively reflect.

“I think all art work is in the eye of the beholder and it’s not going to translate to another” says Troie. “But what I would hope is that people who view my work can see the heart and soul that I put into my work.” Troie went on to say that “were all given one short life and everyone should do what they love and love what they do. At the end of the day the only regrets people have are the chances they didn’t take.”

Currently Troie has been transforming her physical artwork into digital works which she then lays out onto clothing. To view Troie’s clothing, readers can see her work on Instagram or Facebook by following A.T. Clothing Co.

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