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Participation Guidelines 2020

Frequently Asked Questions:

When, Where, & What does Presenting at ArtHop Entail? When?

River Park ArtHop is the 3rd week of every month. It starts Tuesday and runs until Saturday. The River Park's Art Groove Gallery/Community Center is open from 5 PM to 9 PM T-F & S 10-2 PM.


River Park ArtHop is located at in vacant retail store space that is turned into Creative Space "Pop-up Art Galleries." The number of galleries available may fluctuate depending on whether or not the space becomes occupied. Artists also have an opportunity to use designated outdoor space and occupied Retail Shops & Restaurants

What Does Presenting at ArtHop Entail?

Participation Form

○ You are required to complete a RiverPark Artist Building Access Form. It gives you access to the Building(s)

Assigned Location

○ You will be assigned a space one week prior to the event. At that time the exact location will be given and number of pieces you can Exhibit.

Displaying Artwork

○ You are responsible for hanging your work and taking it down.

○ All work must be hangable.

○ You may use command strips. In some locations, brackets are available.

○ All work must be labeled. Your contact information and Artist Statement must be posted or readily available.


○ You should plan to be present Tuesdays or on any days Gallery is open to Artists.

○ Plan to volunteer to help open (set up) or close (tear down & clean up at least one Tuesday, Friday or Saturday a month.

○ River Park ArtHop will not sell or collect payment for your artwork.

■ If you are planning on selling items from a table such as jewelry, hand crafted art, etc. you MUST man your table at all times.

○ Our ArtHop Night is designated 3rd Thursdays of the month for RiverPark Shopping Center by Fresno Art's Council you need to be available onsite. Thursday is MANDATORY.

○ We ask that you aid it promoting ArtHop Thursday by sharing/posting on social media, distribute flyers and invite Family, Friends, Fans & co-workers. "Think of our ArtHop Thursday as your personal Artist Reception."

○ ArtHop Thursday- Showcase your work. You have 5-10 minutes to introduce yourself, talk about a favorite piece or your unique creative process. Fees ○ See B AWESUM/ Art Groove Program for details.

○ No added percentages fees. You keep what you sell.

Set Up/Take Down

○ Set Up

■ Monday before Event after 8PM and day of Event Tuesday before 4:30 PM.

(Specific Times to be announced.)

○ Take Down

■ 3rd Monday of following Month before 7:30 PM.

○ During the Event and Set up please make sure the building is secure (Do not leave open Galleries, unattended)

After ArtHop

○ If you are Exhibiting in the Art Groove Gallery and our/your time expires or you become a Non-Participant and don't pick up your work the designated date or make arrangements with me; your work will be donated to a Charitable Organization.

○ If time doesn't permit me to forward your Artwork to a Charitable Organization, a decision will be made by River Park Management. River Park Management will NOT store Artwork. If the building is leased, your work may be discarded.


Additional Resources:

● Please view my website to find out other events happening pertaining to ArtHop and please review Open Artist Call Info.

● You can find out what's happening with Art around town by signing up with the Fresno Arts Council.

● River Park Shopping Center Events

● Get Your Art Groove On! Share Your Talent

Creatively yours,

Melanie Glass Curator/Art Immersionist

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